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Lecture 8
Designing and Installing a Network 

In this lecture, we expand our knowledge of networking hardware. To help us put our knowledge to work in a realistic context, we will create a simple networking plan for a fictitious company and explore how to install and configure networking hardware for it. We conclude by taking a look at some related hardware compatibility issues. Throughout the
lecture, we touch on the subjects of upgrading computers and networks. For a more in-depth look at these issues, see lecture 12, "Administering Change."

Note: Because this lecture concerns network hardware, you will find it helpful to review lectures 1-3.
The lectures are to be used only in conjunction with the required text for the  course: MCSE Training Kit: Networking Essentials Plus,Microsoft Corporation, ISBN:  1-57231-902-X

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Lesson 1. Choosing a Network Design

Lesson 2. Establishing a Client/Server Environment

Lesson 3. Working with Device Drivers and NICs

Lesson 4. Ensuring Hardware Compatibility

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