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Course Description

This course is being offered through distance learning. The content and materials offered are the same as that of on-site sections of the course. The presentation of the materials and the specific requirements of the course may be slightly different for on-site and distance learning sections.

The major objective of this course is to let  students have an introductory understanding about the  network operation and practice. Hands_on study on existing  Network Servers and Windows Workstation and Unix System  is emphasized.

Professor CY Hsieh
Office Hours
Phone 847.679.3135
Fax 847.679.3166


The participant must possess good knowledge of PC,  Windows, PC  Hardware,  and basic Programming skill.  Usually by finishing the following courses, the background knowledge can be met: CIS310: Introduction to programming or CIS321: Computer Programming

Course Requirements

The student is expected to take 10 pop quizes(30%), one midterm examination (35%), and a final Examination(35%).


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Academic Integrity

It is expected that each student submit only his or her own work for credit in the course. A violation may result in splitting a score, expulsion or a grade of F for all parties involved. See the handout Knowledge Systems Institute Policy on Academic Dishonesty. Team members are to cooperate only with members of their own team.

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Academic Integrity

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